Press Release: Bolder Industries| New Company Name

Carbon black firm gets bold new name, facility
February 15, 2017

Press Release: Bolder Industries| New Company Name


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Waste to Energy Partners Unveils New Company Name,

Major Expansion Plans for 2017  

Rapidly growing waste conversion company changes names to Bolder Industries; announces key hires and new plant in Missouri


BOULDER, CO (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jan 16, 2017) —  Waste to Energy Partners, a Colorado-based waste conversion company, is changing its name to Bolder Industries, effective immediately. The company’s award-winning flagship product, Bolder Black™, is made from end-of-life tires and is an environmentally friendly alternative to “carbon black”—an oil-derived component used in nearly all rubber and black plastic products. The company’s new website is


With its new name, Boulder Industries is excited to emphasize its core mission of converting solid waste from traditional disposal methods into energy-rich materials and valuable products, thereby diverting significant amounts of waste from overtaxed landfills.


“We’ve recognized that its product development that provides the most value to the marketplace and to the environment,” says Tony Wibbeler, Bolder Industries CEO. “We’re a product company first and foremost, and are committed to creating sustainable products that the market has never seen before. We believe our new name better reflects our innovative approach and valuable outputs.”


Along with the name change, Bolder Industries is excited to to announce new team members: Ken Dunn, Director of Sustainability and Norm Thiele, Advisory Board. As highly seasoned executives with successful track records, both individuals will significantly shape the company in the coming years.    


In February 2017, the company will be opening a new, first of its kind facility, Maryville Carbon Solutions (MCS) in Maryville, Missouri, adding at least 15 employees to its workforce. MCS will be the largest global commercial producer of the company’s charter product, a tire-derived carbon black called Bolder Black™. MCS is a net energy positive facility, emitting 90% less CO2 and using 90% less H2O that traditional methods to process one million waste tires and produce seven million pounds of Bolder Black™ by the end of the year.


For questions or inquiries, please contact Jessica Hogan, Director of Marketing, at  or 720.514.9035.


About Bolder Industries

Bolder Industries solves challenging environmental issues for the industrial waste industry by developing sustainable products and services through technology. Our charter product, Bolder Black™, is a sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black produced using waste tires that would otherwise be in landfills or incinerated. We create Bolder Black in a net energy positive facility that emits 90% less CO2e and uses 90% less H2O than traditional methods.  


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