Bolder Black is a great concept to initiate movement towards a circular economy. With the current and past issues of what to do with waste tires, this is an innovative solution.

-Judges Statement, Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award, 2016

Meet Bolder Black
The closed loop alternative to traditional carbon black that's in a class of its own

Accelerates Sustainability Efforts
  • At 1MM lbs of Bolder Black, offsets would be approximately:
    • 69,000 tons CO2e
    • 23MM gallons H2O
    • 12MM kWh electricity
    • diverts 146,000 tires
  • Allows you to engage suppliers in joint sustainability reporting efforts
  • Enhances eligibility for LEED points
Enhances Product Performance
  • Improves performance of many rubbers and plastics
  • Greater elongation without compromising reinforcing properties
  • Can extend the life of anti-vibration products
  • Disperses well in nearly every rubber or plastics application
Solves Supply Issues
  • We can stabilize costs currently dependent on volatile oil prices
  • We can scale production quickly to meet demand
Enables Product Innovation
  • Not tied to the limitations of standard carbon grades
  • Highly performant yet exhibits new characteristics compared to standard grades
Making Bolder Black
Born from the belief that we can address environmental problems while creating valuable products


We recognized that two major environmental problems could be solved with one elegant process - extract the resources from waste tires and create a sustainable alternative to carbon black from the resulting carbon.

300 Million waste tires are incinerated for fuel or tossed into landfills every year with only a small amount being repurposed.
3.2 Billion pounds of carbon black enters our world every year, a major contributor to greenhouse emissions.
We extract the resources from waste tires and reuse 98% of the materials.
We then create Bolder Black while emitting 90% less CO2e, using 90% less H20 and operating a net energy positive facility.

Our proven systematic platform processes waste tires, extracts the components and produces Bolder Black. This is all executed in the most sustainable fashion in the world - using 90% less CO2, H20 and energy than traditional methods.

tire components
waste tires using non-combustion technology
the most valuable components and reintroduce to the market
Technical Details

Bolder Black Technical Summary
  • Bolder Black™ is an environmentally responsible alternative to virgin carbon black (VCB) derived from end-of-life tires. Bolder Black performs similarly to certain ASTM reference grades of VCB but has unique physical properties and performance characteristics. Independent testing has been conducted to compare N300, N550, and N660 VCB grades with Bolder Black in common compounds in order to facilitate understanding of Bolder Black’s performance characteristics and its application in rubber compounds. The results indicate that Bolder Black has reinforcing properties similar to N550 and N660, demonstrates excellent elongation and tear resistance and has tensile strength similar to N774.
  • Bolder Black is provided milled and pelletized for easy incorporation into manufacturing processes
Bolder Black and LEED Credits
  • 100% post-consumer recycled content (M&R Sourcing of Raw Materials credit)
  • Verifiable data to support your LCA (M&R Environmental Product Declarations credit)
  • Detailed ingredient information (M&R Material Ingredients credit)

Testimonials and Accolades

“Bolder Black is a reclaimed black that easily disperses in thermoplastic materials using the correct compounding technology. We look forward to the commercialization of this product and have a strong desire to add this material to our portfolio of green, sustainable products.”

- Scott Howard, CEO, Polyvisions

“Unfortunately, until recently no one has been able to provide a carbon black that is dispersible and provides reinforcing properties. It is with great pleasure we have found that Bolder Black is a recovered carbon black that easily disperses and provides reinforcing similar to the standard ASTM N-500 and N-700 series blacks.”

- Mike Kumbalek, VP, Oregon Rubber Mills

“This is a great concept to initiate movement towards a circular economy. Also, with the current and past issues of what to do with waste tires, this is an innovative solution.. Kills two big birds with one product...waste reuse and product substitution, both with high potential and high impact.”

- Judges Statement, Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award, 2016

“This is exactly the kind of next step we are looking for.”

- John Hubbard, Patagonia
Bolder Industries

Our Purpose

  • Our vision is to divert more solid waste from landfills than any other single effort over the next 10 years
  • To accomplish this, we solve challenging environmental issues for the industrial waste industry by developing sustainable products and services through technology

Our Facility

  • Located in Maryville, Missouri, our 24,000 square foot facility houses the proprietary systems necessary to recycle over two million scrap tires annually. MCS operates a net energy positive facility that is 90% more efficient in terms of water and electricity consumption than commercial alternatives and diverts nearly 50 million pounds of waste from entering our landfills each year. The facility is large enough to recycle and reuse every scrap tire produced in the Kansas City metro area. See more here:

Awards and Certifications

Environmental Leader Award

Cleantech Breakout Company of the Year Award
Made in the USA

Maryville Facility

Our Team

We’re proud to have assembled a team with extraordinary experience in sustainability, waste solutions, industrial manufacturing, entrepreneurship, business growth and bottom line profitability.

Tony Wibbeler

CEO and Founder

Nate Murphy

Vice President

Darren Slattery

VP of Sales

Ken Dunn

Director of Sustainability

For Investors

We are a capital-intensive business that has attracted individual angel investors as well as institutional funding. We are fortunate to have a dynamic investment group that provides much more than financial support. If you are interested in investing in a growing company led by a dynamic managment team that focuses on the triple bottom line, we invite you reach out to us. We would be honored to discuss your investment focus and goals.

For more details on investment opportunities with Bolder Industries or to review our investor presentation, please contact Tony Wibbeler.

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